Commercial & Industrial Construction

We provide comprehensive construction services for Financial Institutions, Medical Facilities, Assisted Living, Education, Worship Facilities, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Government and a host of other industries.

F&F Construction specializes in New Construction, Renovation, Restoration, and Disaster Reconstruction.

Clients engage F&F in the following capacities:

  • Integrated Project Delivery - Clients choose F&F as the construction manager / contractor as part of their entire project team that includes their chosen architect, engineers and designers, where each member of the team works together from the initial concept phase of the project. In this capacity F&F supplies valuable input with regard to the construction feasibility and budgetary realities of the proposed design. Serving as advocate for our client, we help to shape dialogue and manage expectations so that the project is not over designed, thereby requiring redesign.
  • Construction Management - F&F performs pre-construction and construction phase services and is not contracted to self-perform facets of the work. Over 90% of our CM services are conducted on an "at-risk" basis, with F&F holding all subcontracts and guaranteeing the cost/construction schedule. The balance of our construction management services are "for fee;" in which the client holds all subcontracts. During the process, we are involved with the owner, architect, and consultants from the conceptual design through construction and until the facility is operational and occupied. Our diversified services offer clients complete control over cost, schedule, constructibility and quality control of construction.
  • General Contracting -  F&F performs pre-construction and construction phase services that are awarded as a result of contract negotiations and does self-perform facets of the work. By self-performing the most critical portions of construction, we exercise maximum control over cost, schedule and quality. All subcontractors are helped by F&F and the cost and schedule is guaranteed, with cost contracted on a "lump sum" or "guaranteed maximum" basis. F&F executes a "single source" contract which includes all services for planning, designing, constructing and commissioning a project.
  • Construction Management / General Contracting - F&F performs a combination of the two delivery methods as a result of contract negotiations. Pre-construction services are conducted prior to project start. During the construction phase, we may self-perform facets of the work.